Hello beautiful people,

It’s great to be here with you today. How long has it been? Too long for me. For the last few weeks I’ve lived in a world completely foreign to my normal activities. In fact, there was very little activity at all. Appendicitis. Can you believe it? You just never know when illness will strike. My level of energy is still only about 50% but I am improving daily.

Let me take a moment to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time for me and for Scott. The farm plans have taken a hit right along with everyday life. But it is nothing we can’t handle with time and patience. 

It’s still up in the air whether you will see me at the Wytheville Farmer’s Market on Saturday. I’m hoping to be there. We shall see. No Independence Market for sure. I really like that market but I do not know if I will be able to do it for quite a while. It requires much more physical effort to set up and take down the display. What’s worse is the heat. I am having a great deal of difficulty being outside for more than 15 minutes or so without wilting like a water-starved flower. 

Updates on the animals will be sketchy. I’ve not been out there with them for nearly a month. I have kept up with some of their progress. The boy lambs have been separated from their moms and sisters. That is necessary this time of year — otherwise we get unauthorized breeding and lambs born in January and all sorts of problems. They took it quite well.  And the baby quail made it out of the brooder into their permanent home for the next few weeks. Scott did a wonderful job on building their pen. Everyone looks quite comfortable. 

We are not sure about cheese this week at the farmer’s market. Likely we will know tomorrow after we open up our first Ararat Legend of the season. Unfortunately, the Stuart Jack completely failed. It happens, especially with a new cheese. Yogurt and butter will definitely be available. 

Send me an email with your desire to participate as a herd share owner or if you have questions.  

Please go HERE to learn all about it. Download the jar cleaning protocol and FAQs.

News This Week

  • Products Available to This Week
  • There is no FarmCast this week. Look for me to start that up on Sunday.
  • Recipe Reruns

Products Available to Herd Share Owners

Choose 1 per week 1/2 Share Whole Share
Whole Milk 1/2 gal 1 gallon
Skim/Low-Fat Milk 1/2 gal 1 gallon
Full Fat Yogurt 1 quart 2 quarts
Butter 1/2 pound 1 pound
Cream 1/2 pint 1 pint

Products Available to the General Public

Beef Price / Pound
1/4 Beef (approx 100 lbs) $7.00
1/2 Beef (approx 200 lbs) $6.50
Whole Beef (approx 400 lbs) $6.00
Ground (approx 1 lb) $7.00
Marrow Bones (approx 2 lbs) $2.00
Lamb Price / Pound
1/2 Lamb (approx 20 lbs) $10
Whole Lamb (approx 40 lbs) $9.50
Ground Lamb (approx 1 lb) $10
Lamb Soup Bones (approx 1 lb) $3
Chev (Goat) Price / Pound
Ground Chev (approx 1 lb) $12
Meaty Goat Bones (approx 1 lb) $3
Meaty Goat Bones (approx 10 lb) Ask about discount

Let’s Get Together
As always, we’d love to meet you in person. Come see us at the Wytheville Farmer’s Market on Saturday. We can talk about Herd shares and I will have the required documents at hand so you can sign up right away. 

Visit our dairy farm in Claudville, Virginia Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 noon and Saturday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm. Come visit us in person, find out how we raise our animals and why you will love the taste of tradition that is inherent in all of our products. Herd share holders will be able to see up close how their cows are cared for and where the cheese is made and stored. 

Peaceful Heart FarmCast

No podcast announcements. I’ve not done one in three or four weeks. I will be working on it this week and hope to be back on track with weekly podcasts beginning this Sunday. 

Free Downloads

I want to follow up on a previous FarmCast, The Taste of Cheese where I talked about developing your expertise with using descriptive words. The FREE downloads of Classifying Cheese by Type and Category and Expand Your Cheese Vocabulary are still available at our website. Please stop by and get your FREE resources. 

You can LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HEREOr, if you have an Alexa device, just say:Alexa, play podcast Peaceful Heart FarmCast.

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Recent Recipes

This is a repeat as I’ve not done anything with recipes since my illness. Look for new great recipes coming soon.

Click the links and check these out. All of my recipes are printable.

instant pot quailInstant Pot Quail: The reason that I go for the Instant Pot Quail rather than oven roasted quail is the heat. It is really hot outside and to roast quail requires a 500-degree oven. That’s right 500 degrees. The roasting time is short but just the thought of preheating an oven to 500 degrees makes me sweat.

Simple but luscious seasoning.

Ginger TeaGinger Tea with Honey and Lemon: Ginger tea has been used for thousands of years as a cure for nausea and digestive problems. It offers a variety of health benefits and healing compounds to alleviate upset stomach. Many people reach for the ginger ale when feeling symptoms of stomach pain or nausea, but ginger tea contains higher concentrations of the compounds that alleviate these digestive issues; making it the better choice for feeling better faster.

This tea is made using fresh ginger root and packs a punch when it comes to healing symptoms of upset stomach. Ginger is a natural remedy for nausea and is often used to treat morning sickness in pregnant women and motion sickness caused by planes and boats. In fact, a Thai study examined pregnant women with symptoms of morning sickness and found that 28 out of the 32 individuals saw an improvement in nausea when given a daily dose of 1 milligram of ginger root. As a rule of thumb, one cup of ginger tea contains about 250 milligrams of ginger so aim to drink two to four cups of this tea to alleviate feelings of nausea.

crab and artichoke dipCrab and Artichoke Dip: This recipe calls for our Peaceful Heart Gold aged raw milk cheese. However, you can substitute a nice Havarti when we are sold out. Our Peaceful Heart Gold is only available beginning about July and lasts through January or February.

Dip into this rich and creamy snack and a favorite bottle of wine. Use your slow cooker to make this recipe—it’s a perfect fit for a relaxed “friends” night. This recipe is keto-friendly if you leave off the crackers and dip your bacon in it.

keto chocolate ice creamKeto Chocolate Ice Cream: Just in time for your 4th of July Independence Day celebration. There is nothing better than a cold dish of ice cream with friends and family. Use our wonderful A2A2 cream with this recipe.

Dairy, used properly, can be a great part of a ketogenic diet. I love my ice cream. This recipe does not use an ice cream maker. With egg whites and heavy whipping cream whipped to soft peaks, the result is similar to a fluffy chocolate mousse.

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