Peaceful Heart Gold – Artisan Cheese

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Peaceful Heart Gold – Scandinavian style washed curd

Peaceful Heart Gold is a washed-curd cheese. Washing the curd creates subtle flavors. It is an interior ripened cheese with no rind. The texture is semi-firm and ideal for slicing. The paste is cream to yellow in color depending on the time of year and grasses the cows are consuming. The cheese is lightly pressed which creates small, irregular “eyes” throughout. The aroma and taste is buttery and becomes sharp with age and may resemble Swiss cheese. As it ages further, it takes on more of a salty taste with shades of hazelnut. This cheese will soften easily at room temperature.

Until the creamery is finished and inspected we are only offering samples of cheese for donations to the building of the creamery. We thank you for your patience. Compliance with USDA regulations is onerous but required .

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1 review for Peaceful Heart Gold – Artisan Cheese

  1. Hayden

    4 stars
    Love, love, love this cheese!

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