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Still no rain but the garden is past needing it at this point. Why? An error in judgement made it a moot point.

We rotate the animals from pasture to pasture in an organized fashion. This keeps the nutrition in the pastures at their peak. In a moment of pushing risk beyond its limits, we decided to put the Jersey calf and the two steers in a large area that contains the garden. They make good lawn mowers and we could make barricades to keep them out of the garden proper, right? We blocked the garden to be sure, but that didn’t really matter to the cows. They knocked over the barriers as, in hindsight, one would expect. There is a reason for sturdy fences. 

The few remaining plants we had are done for now. The celery is eaten down to about 2″. The good news there is it is growing back. Perhaps I will grow it through the winter and harvest in the spring. The sweet potato tops were completely eaten and many of the tubers were dug up, strewn about and eaten. Same for the carrots. Pulled up and eaten. The Swiss chard was also eaten down to about 2″. There the news is better. I like growing Swiss chard as killing that plant is nearly impossible. Already the leaves are more than 6″ tall. Threaten their existence and they grow faster.  

Cheese, cheese, cheese. We have both Ararat Legend and Peaceful Heart Gold in our herd shares this week. The Clau d’ ville Cheddar is progressing nicely. It will be December before the first of that is ready. We all have to be patient.  

I’ll have ground goat (chev) meat at the farmer’s market. If you haven’t tried this wonderful meet, you are missing out. It is by far my favorite ground meat for making burgers. Pick up a FREE recipe with your purchase. 

Send me an email with questions or to participate as a herd share owner.  

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News This Week

  • Products Available to This Week
  • This week’s FarmCast is “Weston A Price Diet Basics” . This organization champions access to raw milk and raw milk products. The diet follows traditional guidelines passed down through centuries.
  • Most Recent Recipes — Bone Broth, a recommended part of the WAPF diet, was added.

Products Available to Herd Share Owners

Choose 1 per week 1/2 Share Whole Share
Whole Milk 1/2 gal 1 gallon
Skim/Low-Fat Milk 1/2 gal 1 gallon
Full Fat Yogurt 1 quart 2 quarts
Butter 1/2 pound 1 pound
Cream 1/2 pint 1 pint
Ararat Legend 1/4 pound 1/2 pound
Peaceful Heart Gold 1/4 pound 1/2 pound

Products Available to the General Public

Beef Price / Pound
1/4 Beef (approx 100 lbs) $7.00
1/2 Beef (approx 200 lbs) $6.50
Whole Beef (approx 400 lbs) $6.00
Ground (approx 1 lb) $7.00
Marrow Bones (approx 2 lbs) $2.00
Lamb Price / Pound
1/2 Lamb (approx 20 lbs) $10
Whole Lamb (approx 40 lbs) $9.50
Ground Lamb (approx 1 lb) $10
Lamb Soup Bones (approx 1 lb) $3
Chev (Goat) Price / Pound
Ground Chev (approx 1 lb) $12
Meaty Goat Bones (approx 1 lb) $3
Meaty Goat Bones (approx 10 lb) Ask about discount

Let’s Get Together

As always, we’d love to meet you in person. Only a few weeks left at the Independence Farmer’s Market. We will be there on Friday. The Wytheville Farmer’s Market continues weekly until the last week of October. Then continues twice monthly through the winter. We will be there on Saturday. We can talk about Herd shares and I will have the required documents at hand so you can sign up right away. 

Visit our dairy farm in Claudville, Virginia Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 noon and Saturday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm. Come visit us in person, find out how we raise our animals and why you will love the taste of tradition that is inherent in all of our products. Herd share holders will be able to see up close how their cows are cared for and where the cheese is made and stored. 

Peaceful Heart FarmCast

This week’s podcast provides a brief outline of the Weston A Price Diet. The information revolves around the known activities of traditional and primitive peoples. There are so many “diets” out there it is hard to know what to do. If you’ve listened to my podcasts at all you probably guessed that I like what the WAFP organization has to offer. We are all about tradition. There are many benefits of traditional diets that have been left behind. It’s time to bring them back.  

Listen to “Weston A Price Diet Basics” here.

Free Downloads

I want to follow up on a previous FarmCast, The Taste of Cheese where I talked about developing your expertise with using descriptive words. The FREE downloads of Classifying Cheese by Type and Category and Expand Your Cheese Vocabulary are still available at our website. Please stop by and get your FREE resources. 

You can LISTEN TO THE PODCAST HEREOr, if you have an Alexa device, just say:Alexa, play podcast Peaceful Heart FarmCast.

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Recent Recipes

Click the links and check them out. All of my recipes are printable.

bone brothBone Broth: This rich and nutritious drink and flavoring for soup, gravy or sauce is made with bones that have bits of meat still clinging unlike “stock”. It is also generally thinner than “stock”. Most people use the terms interchangeably. It has been made for centuries. Roasted bones will add flavor to the broth and will darken the color. Bone broth is now a popular health food. Try it?

This recipe includes fresh herbs for an added bit of flair.

skillet chicken with neufchatel spinach artichoke sauceSkillet Chicken with Neufchatel Spinach Artichoke Sauce: Neufchatel is a french cheese typically made from the unpasteurized milk of Normande cows. You just can’t go wrong with skillet chicken and a good Neufchatel cheese sauce!

Perfectly golden brown, tender pan seared chicken breasts are topped with an easy to make, rich and flavorful spinach artichoke sauce. It might remind you of my crab and artichoke dip recipe but much lighter.

home made yogurtHome Made Yogurt: I make mine in my Corsori multi-function pressure cooker. It has a yogurt setting. I believe it would be similar with the Instant Pot or any other multi-function pressure cooker with a yogurt setting. You don’t have to have one. I also have a rather inexpensive yogurt maker. The reason I no longer use it has to do with how much yogurt I make in one batch. The small, inexpensive yogurt maker works for a quart or two. But I make a gallon and a half at a time now. Yogurt will last a very long time in the refrigerator.

instant pot quailInstant Pot Quail: The reason that I go for the Instant Pot Quail rather than oven roasted quail is the heat. It is really hot outside and to roast quail requires a 500-degree oven. That’s right 500 degrees. The roasting time is short but just the thought of preheating an oven to 500 degrees makes me sweat.

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