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This Week at Peaceful Heart Farm:

Hello everybody,

So good to be writing again. Spring is just around the corner (along with my birthday). We are so ready for its arrival. The tiny plants we started way ahead of planting in the garden are growing like crazy. I’ll be planting some of those out this week if it warms up even a little.

I’m so excited to share the Farm News from this week.

  • This week’s FarmCast brings a new word to our discussion
  • Most Recent Recipes
  • Cheese in the News This Week

Peaceful Heart FarmCast

I had a great time recording this week’s podcast. I love sharing the history of how we human beings made it to this point in our evolution. It’s amazing that we survived. Please enjoy this week’s topic introducing the term “garde manger” or “keeper of the food”. 

This is a fun, educational and entertaining one, so LISTEN TO THE EPISODE HEREOr, if you have an Alexa device, just say: “Alexa, play podcast Peaceful Heart FarmCast.”

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Recent Recipes

Home Made Butter: There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing you can take control of your family’s nutritional needs — not depending on your local supermarket. Making your own butter is just one way to instill that peace. 

cornbread on the hearthMary Randolph’s Cornmeal Bread: In Colonial America food was prepared with similar ingredients, but the method of cooking was vastly different. This recipe contains instructions for hearthside baking.

creme fraicheCrème Fraîche: Similar to sour cream but not at all the same, this recipe provides a glimpse of how traditional cheese is made. It’s quick and it’s easy. Use it in any setting where you would use sour cream. 

cheese fondueCheese Fondue: Can there be anything more fun than the family sitting around the table dipping into the fondue pot. I recently made this for my family. It was as delicious this time as it was the first time. 

Cheese in the News

Scientists Played Music to Cheese As It Aged. 

The Swiss seem to always be out there on the cutting edge with cheese. This is a fun story about their experiment with hip-hop, classic rock and Mozart.

How to Make a Store-Bought Camembert Into Something Delightful and Rare

“The best Camemberts are still made in Normandy, with raw cow’s milk, to a very specific set of standards.” This is the reason we have Normande cows. Somebody please try this and tell us how it goes. It sounds heavenly. 

Wisconsin cheesemakers again dominate U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

If I have my way, Virginia is going to start winning these contests. It’s an uphill battle as Wisconsin has been making cheese for a long, long time. We won’t let that deter us. cool


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