Injuries and Updates

It has been a little while since you have heard from us, hence injuries and updates title. Things are still plugging along. However, it is more in thought than in deed. Scott injured himself a couple of weeks ago. Work on the creamery has been on hold while as he recovers. He is still immobile for most of the day, using crutches mostly, and unable to stand for long periods of time, lift or do anything that engages his hip and hamstring. Hurts right there at the top where they connect is the problem. It will heal with time and we are biding our time and enjoying each other’s company. It is beneficial to slow down and be at peace with what is rather than fuming over what is not.

Sheep and Goats

The sheep and goats are due to lamb and kid in the next couple of weeks. That is always a joy to experience. We are supplementing them with a small amount of feed pellets every couple of days. It is the kind used for supplementing forage. There are additional vitamins and minerals that are needed for healthy birthing and healthy offspring so we provide that support. The goats need it the most.

We have had lots of success with the sheep with no supplements and they are really fat right now. Extra weight can cause issues during delivery so we don’t want to exacerbate that problem. However, they are in the same pasture and, therefore, they share in the feed. There is no way to keep them separate.

Because our pastures are deficient in selenium, the goats and their kids in particular need to have that mineral supplemented. We have lost a few kids due to white muscle disease, selenium deficiency. They became really weak and were not able to keep up with mom. They would become so weak they could not stand. They would simply disappear. Young kids like to hide under small spaces when resting. This year we are keeping them close and, as I said, supplementing. The does increase their levels of selenium and pass that to the kids via milk.


None of the cows look like they are pregnant. Perhaps Dora, but she would be the only one. It’s hard to tell when they have a belly full of hay and their sides are sticking out. Violet has always been really, really round so it is hard to tell whether she is carrying a calf. The rest of them look pretty normal. If any have calves it will be in late May or June. I hope we get at least one but who knows.

Garden Stuff

I’m working the garden right now. There is a lot of composted manure/hay to be sifted and carried to the raised beds. Scott made a really nice screen that breaks up the clods and gets the big roots out. I surely don’t want those in the garden. It also makes the soil nice and fluffy. It will take a couple more weeks to complete that project since I’m doing it on my own.

The seeds have been ordered and received and I’m looking forward to getting some in the ground. I also have some onion and potato sets ready to go. This season will be even better than the last. The soil gets better and better every year.

That’s about it for this update. I trust you are all doing well and looking forward to Spring as are we. Easter is coming soon. I’ll leave you with an early, “Happy Easter.”

May you always have water, shelter and peace.

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