Hello beautiful peeps,

So much to do, so little time. That’s the name of the game for us at this time of year. Scott is off picking up hay and hauling it back home, day after day after day. That puts us behind on so many things. General maintenance tasks like fly control, donkey hoof trimming and mowing the weeds down around the house. Well, soon it will be done and things will return to the normal 60 mph instead of 100 mph.

I did get the peas picked and will have them at the farmer’s markets on Friday and Saturday. These are shelling peas. They look really great. There is nothing like fresh green peas in the summer.   

Sheep and Goats

The sheep and goats continue to enjoy the benefits of more grass than they can possibly eat. One thing I did notice today is that the goats really like hanging out on the island. Our large pond has an island. It used to be covered with nothing but wild blackberry bushes. Now they are all gone. It looks like a park out there. I’m glad they like to eat blackberries and briars. It makes fishing out there much more pleasurable without all of those thorny blackberry bushes. Thank goodness for goats.


Violet had her calf. All went well. No issues at all. We are so blessed with the way that these cattle deliver their calves. No huge vet bills this year (or last) as in previous years. We were disappointed again in that she had a bull. But he is healthy and gorgeous. Really showing those beautiful Normande characteristics.

The preliminary steps for artificial insemination are complete and the real deal starts tomorrow. After that, we wait three weeks to see if anyone comes back into heat. We pray that everyone takes on the first try. We are still rather new to this procedure so I don’t know what the likelihood is of that good fortune. We shall see.  

Hansel and Gretel are still competing for bottles. Now they have a third wheel with which to contend. Well, not really at this point. We are feeding him off to the side. But soon they will all be lined up along the fence. Currently the twins have bottle holders that attach to the fence where they can freely drink their milk and push each other around vying for access to a bottle that actually has milk. They are so funny. Yesterday Hansel drank about half of one bottle and moved on to a second bottle. Meanwhile, Gretel finished her bottle and then moved on to the bottle that Hansel abandoned. That left a lonely single bottle that needed to be split between the two of them. It was actually quite comical to see them pushing each other off of the nipple, circling around and then pushing again. In the end, Hansel did end up getting his other half of a bottle. I wasn’t sure that was going to happen as Gretel is bigger and smarter than Hansel. 


The extra quail girls are producing lots of extra eggs that we will have at the farmer’s market. And the eggs in the incubator go into lockdown tomorrow afternoon. Then in two days we should hear peeping again.  Fingers crossed and prayers for a better hatch rate.


Nothing much happening with the creamery this week. Scott is really tied up with getting that hay. Not having it delivered is really setting him back in completing his To-Do list items. Even after completing the hay storage there are many other tasks that will take away from time he might otherwise be spending on completing the creamery. Helping me with the peas and trimming donkey hooves come to mind. 


The peas are coming in fast. As I said above, I will have green peas for the market. I ended up just pulling up the plants, peas and all. This evening Scott and I will be pulling the peas off the vines while watching the latest episode of the The Chosen that is being released tonight. It’s always fun to spend time together in front of the TV but still getting some work done. It’s a joint project and we work well together.

We have lots and lots and lots of green beans and purple hull crowder peas coming up. It will be a couple of months before they are ready, but they sure do look good so far.

The strawberries are being eaten by squirrels and birds and whatever else is out there. That is another project that will take some time to complete. Scott will need to build some sort of cover for the strawberries or we will never get a single one. On the upside, the apple trees are actually producing fruit this year. Yay! Finally!

That’s it for farm news. Now on to the farmer’s market update. 

Wytheville and Independence Farmer’s Markets

All of the plant starts are gone. In the end, they were either sold or planted in our garden. This week look for those luscious peas as well as the honey. I’m also bringing back my apple pie jam. Hope to see you at Independence on Friday or Wytheville on Saturday. 

I have quail eggs and quail meat in 1 lb packages.

We have all of our grass-fed meats available – ground beef (approx 1 lb), ground goat (approx 1 lb), and ground lamb (approx 1 lb).

Herd Shares

Herd Share Peeps, I’ll see you in my usual location at the Wytheville Farmers’ Market. Add on as you desire. Yogurt, milk and all cheeses and butter are at your service. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and/or Tuesday. 

You can pickup at the Wytheville Market between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon or at the farm Saturdays 3 pm to 5 pm or Tuesdays 10:00 am to noon. Email me to let me know want anything extra this time. 

I still have new raw milk cheese shares and a couple of milk shares available. Contact me via email (melanie@peacefulheartfarm.com) or phone (276-694-4369).

Please go HERE to learn all about Herd Shares.

Let’s Get Together

As always, we love meeting you in person.  You can find us at the Wytheville Farmers Market on Saturday from 8:00 am to Noon. We are at Independence Farmers’ Market on Fridays from 9:00 am to 1 pm. Masks are no longer required at the Farmers Markets. 

As always, you may visit us at our dairy farm in Claudville, Virginia Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 noon and Saturday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm. Find out how we raise our animals and why you will love the taste of tradition that is inherent in all of our products. Herd share holders will be able to see up close how their cows are cared for and the cheese operation and where it is stored. 

Peaceful Heart FarmCast

In this week’s podcast, “Cheddar Cheese” is the topic. We make the best cheddar cheese. I thought it would be a good idea to let you know some facts and history about this great cheese. You’ll be craving some of our wonderful cheddar cheese after finishing this podcast.  

Free Downloads

I want to follow up on my previous FarmCast, The Taste of Cheese where I talked about developing your expertise with using descriptive words. The FREE downloads of Classifying Cheese by Type and Category and Expand Your Cheese Vocabulary are still available at our website. Please stop by and get your FREE resources. 

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