Hello beautiful peeps,

AND . . . even more stress. Does it ever end? We’ve lost over 1/2 of our sheep at this point. 

The Spring/Summer Wytheville Farmer’s Market hours are 8am to noon from May 1st to the last weekend of October.

The outdoor Independence Farmer’s Market begins on Friday, May 14th. That market runs from 9am to 1pm. See you there.

Sheep and Lambs

All six lambs from this year and five adult ewes are not gone from our flock. It has been a real disaster. A few days ago Scott called a couple of guys in from Dobson and Winston-Salem to do a little coyote hunting. They were able to bag the pack leader. We are still working through more efforts to make sure the problem is eradicated. Right now, the remaining sheep appear to be safe from further harm.


We moved the twin calves to a safer location as they were also vulnerable to predator attack. They now have another companion. Virginia decided that she would start nursing again and Cloud was obliging. The only problem is Cloud already has two calves that she is feeding. One more — especially a one-year-old would be more than she could easily handle. The two younger calves would have suffered a bit of starvation I think. 

Violet is still getting bigger and bigger. A little over a month still to go. Praying all goes well with her. 


The incubator crowd went into “lock down” today. That means the automatic egg turner is out and the lid needs to be kept closed until all are hatched. I found two eggs with holes in them. They were obviously empty. That leaves 70 eggs ready to hatch. By the time you see me at the market on Saturday, the peeping will have begun.


Scott got the initial quote for the installation of the automatic pipeline milking system. He was ready to move forward, but I suffered from extreme sticker shock. We have dramatically altered the plan now. The parlor barn area will be completed so the cows can move in and out of the milking parlor. But the milking system will continue to be our current portable milking system. We will invest in some extra equipment there for about a tenth of the cost of the fancy system.

As far as the actual building, the exterior painting began today. A few days and that will be complete. 


The two long rows of green peas are still moving along nicely. Still no blooms yet. The onions are coming on strong. They look great. The green tops are now well above the ground cover

The green beans have yet to be planted. Who has time for that? Well, I’ll just have to make time. It’s tough this time of year. Twice a week farmer’s market and twice a week making cheese. Church on Sunday. Only two days left in the week to get anything else done. Things like this newsletter and a podcast too. WEll, the beans will get planted soon. 

It is time to plant tomatoes. Come see me at the market. Take your pick of Jet star, the best slicing tomato ever, and the heirloom Black Krim tomato (high acid and high flavor).

I’m hardening off the the California Wonder pepper starts. I won’t have them this time at the market – but definitely at the next one on the 15th. I have a few hot peppers including Italian Pepperoncini as well. Same time window for the herbs. I have garden sage, parsley, basil, thyme, and cilantro. Should be ready for the 15th market.

That’s it for farm news. Now on to the farmer’s market update. 

Wytheville Farmer’s Market

As I noted above, I will have tomato starts at the market again. They are $3.00 each, 2 for $5.00 or 5 for $10.00.

We are out of quail eggs until fall. Look for them again at that time. We have quail meat in 1 lb packages $18.

We have all of our grass-fed meats available – ground beef (approx 1 lb) $7, ground goat (approx 1 lb) $12, and ground lamb (approx 1 lb) $10.

Online Farmer’s Markets – Independence and Wytheville  

This is the last week we are offering meat products on Independence Online Farmer’s Market. You can sign up for that market by clicking HERE. The online market opens on Friday evening and closes on Wednesday evening for pickup two days later on Friday afternoon. We will be selling all of our products at the outdoor market beginning on the 14th of May.

Wytheville also has an online market. For your convenience, you can set up your Wytheville online market account HERE. This market opens on Sunday at 7:00 pm and closes on Thursday at 7:00 pm. Place your order with whatever vendors you choose during that time window and pick everything up at the Wytheville Farmer’s Market between 9:00 am and noon. Anything ordered from the online market is not picked up at our booth. Your purchases are picked up on the covered side of the building. Feel free to come on in an chat with me even if you placed your order on line and picked it up outside. 

These items are available at either market. The prices are higher at the Independence Market as their fees are significantly higher. The online Wytheville market are also more expensive than visiting us live at the market. Again, there are fees involved in using online services.

Herd Shares

Herd Share Peeps, I’ll see you in my usual location. Add on as you desire. Yogurt, milk and all cheeses and butter are at your service. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and/or Tuesday. 

You can pickup at the Wytheville Market between 8:00 am and 12:00 noon. Email me to let me know want anything extra this time. 

I still have new raw milk cheese shares and a couple of milk shares available. Contact me via email (melanie@peacefulheartfarm.com) or phone (276-694-4369).

Please go HERE to learn all about Herd Shares.

Let’s Get Together

As always, we love meeting you in person.  You can find us at the Wytheville Farmers Market on Saturday from 8:00 am to Noon. Special procedures are in place for your health and safety. Masks are still recommended but not required as far as I know. 

As always, you may visit us at our dairy farm in Claudville, Virginia Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 noon and Saturday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm. Find out how we raise our animals and why you will love the taste of tradition that is inherent in all of our products. Herd share holders will be able to see up close how their cows are cared for and the cheese operation and where it is stored. 

Peaceful Heart FarmCast

In this week’s podcast, “Coyotes on the Homestead” is the topic. I looked up all sorts of interesting information on these predators. It has been many years since we had a problem. I just needed to talk about the whole situation. 

Free Downloads

I want to follow up on my previous FarmCast, The Taste of Cheese where I talked about developing your expertise with using descriptive words. The FREE downloads of Classifying Cheese by Type and Category and Expand Your Cheese Vocabulary are still available at our website. Please stop by and get your FREE resources. 

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