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I’m a little late getting this out again. Time just slips away so often here on the farm. Lots to catch up on. The biggest thing is what we have at the market this week?

At the Wytheville Farmer’s Market on Saturday we will have QUAIL EGGS $5 a dozen!!. Also, ground beef $7 per package (approx 1 lb), ground goat $12 per package (approx 1 lb) and ground lamb $10 per package (approx 1 lb). There is still a little bit of Lamb Kabob/Stew $12 per package (approx 1 lb). Quail meat packages are available 1 lb – $20.00, and pickled peppers $5.00. 

If you are a Herd Share member, remember this week we start new pickup hours, 10am to noon. Let me know if you want to add anything to your regular product pickup. To get to that section, you can jump down the page here


It has taken a while, but the quail are finally laying eggs again. We’ve cleaned and sterilized cages, added fresh sand to their sand boxes and give them lots of light. These guys are happy now! As we now have seven groups of breeders, the eggs are starting to pile up. The older ladies are now all laying an egg a day. The penthouse ladies are just getting started. Only five eggs out of 20 hens, but they are getting there. The day before it was only two.

A little bit of a correction. There are two ladies from the older group that are currently separated from the rest. They are not laying due to health issues. We have them inside in a nice comfy box that we use for brooding the babies. With only the two of them, it is quite comfortable. The story there is the first one, the only white one we have, got injured and her head was bleeding. Birds are vicious creatures, especially when they taste blood. I had to get her out of there before they ate her up. The other one got a bad parasite infection. She was fluffed up like a feather ball and lost a lot of feathers from her head. I may need to separate her from Missy White bird because it looks like she is being pecked pretty badly. There is a pecking order even with only two. Did I say these guys are vicious? Anyway, they are both doing well and I expect them to be back with their mates shortly.


The calves are weaned. Every time they see us, they moo. They are wondering why their bottle has not arrived. Otherwise they happily graze all day.

The preg checks are done on the big girls. All pregnant except for Buttercup. That is as we expected. And we have new plans for the herd. They get moved around and separated into various groups throughout the year for a variety of husbandry reasons. This time we are moving the two boys in with the pregnant girls (nothing can happen now that hasn’t already happened there) and moving Buttercup in with Rosie who is pregnant but needs extra feed to grow larger. We want to keep her close and Buttercup will be her companion.

Rosie is very small and quite pregnant. The vet recommended we give her grain to help her grow bigger before she delivers her calf in the spring. We want her to have an easier time with delivery, so that’s what we are going to do. She was already getting a small portion of non-gmo, non-soy organic mix of cattle feed that is 16% protein. we used that the train her to go into the stanchion. Vet said anything over 14% protein would do the trick. We will continue giving her high protein feed until she delivers. As she gets close to her delivery date, we will keep a close eye on her and call the vet at the first sign of trouble. We are praying for the best for Rosie and her calf. 


Scott is still working on the finish for the walls. He is very close to being done there. Then he said the roof will be next. He needs to measure the size and note the shape of the new covered addition he made at the last minute. After that, he can accurately calculate the amount and sizes of material he needs to complete the roof. I think after the roof is on the building will look like it is complete — on the outside at least! 


This will likely be the last update for the garden this year. We finally got a hard enough frost to take out the rest of the plants. The tomatoes are brown. The crowder peas lost all their leaves and are brown. Most of the potatoes are brown. Interestingly, the peppers have yellow leaves and not so much brown leaves, though many of the leaves fell off.

The celery is coming out of the dehydrator today, so that’s done. I still have lots of peppers to process. I don’t know if I mentioned that there has been a canning supply shortage. Jars and lids have been unavailable for months. I paid a hefty price, but I have some jars scheduled to arrive in the next few days. Then I can finish the pepper jam and apple jam. The jars and lids are now coming back into the stores. Still short in supply and limited sizes but they are coming back.

Did I mention I got some apples. It was a great find and I am happy with the results so far. I’ve made lots of apple pie filling and it came out great! Apple jam is still on the To-Do list.

That’s it for farm news. Now on to the farmer’s market update. 

Farmer’s Market

I will be at the Wytheville Farmer’s Market on Saturday 10 am to noon. This is the the new scheduled time for winter markets. Winter markets are the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month. There will only be one market in December. The 4th Saturday of December is the day after Christmas and the market will not be open. The operating hours will be 10 am to noon unless otherwise stated (as in Christmas Markets are 8 am to noon).

We have all of our meats back in stock for you and now QUAIL EGGS!! 

We have ground lamb and kabob/stew lamb as well as rib chops and loin chops.

We have ground beef and ground goat. 

Herd Shares

Herd Share Peeps, I’ll see you in my usual location. Let me know if you want something added on to your regular choice. As you know, fresh milk is done. Yogurt will still be available through the end of November. And as always, cheese and butter. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and/or Tuesday. 

I still have new herd shares available. Contact me via email (melanie@peacefulheartfarm.com) or phone (276-694-4369).

Please go HERE to learn all about Herd Shares and get on our waiting list. 

 News This Week 

 Products Available to Herd Share Owners  

Choose 1 per week 1/2 Share Whole Share
Yogurt 1 quart 2 quarts
Butter 1/4 pound 1/2 pound
Ararat Legend 1/4 pound 1/2 pound
Peaceful Heart Gold 1/4 pound 1/2 pound
Pinnacle 1/4 pound 1/2 pound
Clau d’ville Cheddar 1/4 pound 1/2 pound

Products Available to the General Public  

Quail Price / Pound
Quail Eggs (1 dozen) $5.00
Quail meat (approx 1 lb) $20.00
Beef Price / Pound
Ground (approx 1 lb) $7.00
Lamb Price / Pound
Lamb Loin Chops $18
Lamb Rib Chops $18
Lamb Kabobs $12
Ground Lamb (approx 1 lb) $10
Chev (Goat) Price / Pound
Ground Chev (approx 1 lb) $12

Let’s Get Together

As always, we love meeting you in person.  You can find us at the Wytheville Farmers Market on Saturday from 10:00 am to Noon. Special procedures are in place for your health and safety. Masks are recommended but not required as far as I know. 

As always, you may visit us at our dairy farm in Claudville, Virginia Tuesdays from 10 am to 12 noon and Saturday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm. Find out how we raise our animals and why you will love the taste of tradition that is inherent in all of our products. Herd share holders will be able to see up close how their cows are cared for and the cheese operation and where it is stored. 

Peaceful Heart FarmCast

In this week’s podcast, “Sheep Breeding,” is a bit of a detailed telling of all the small, but very important, decisions that go into seemingly simply tasks. There is also a broader view of what we did with the quail as well.  

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