Grassfed Beef Whole, Halves & Quarters – 50% non-refundable deposit


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Very Limited Quantities Available in September 2019


Pricing and Payment Structure

Our beef is priced at $7.00 per pound of the total packaged weight. Your beef will arrive neatly packaged in various cuts (see sample list below) and frozen.

We will have a final price for your order upon receipt of our aged beef from our USDA inspected butcher. An invoice for the balance (due upon receipt) will be emailed as soon as the total weight of your order is determined.

Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef is unbeatable. Our cattle are born on pasture and eat grass all summer long and enjoy hay as needed in the winter. No grain.

A true beef lover’s dream – all our wonderful cuts arrive in one package, ready to stock your freezer. Furthermore, you’ll experience substantial savings and convenience when you buy 2 or more Peaceful Heart Farm’s 100% grass-fed 1/4 Beef package. We offer $50 off of each additional quarter and $250 off of a whole cow (4 quarters).

Help for Planning Your Costs

Weight and cuts will vary. Each order contains approx 100 – 120 lbs of beef per quarter , 200 – 240 lbs of beef per half and 400 – 480 lbs of beef per whole cow. Below is a sample of distribution of cuts.


% of Total Wt

Sum of Wt

Beef Brisket 3.10% 16.07
Beef Ribs 4.81% 24.93
Boneless Stew 3.75% 19.41
Chuck Roast 8.32% 43.09
Cubed Steak 2.61% 13.52
Eye of Round Roast 1.30% 6.75
Flank Steak 1.28% 6.62
Ground 35.73% 185.14
London Broil 3.99% 20.70
Rib Steak 6.94% 35.94
Shoulder Roast 6.11% 31.68
Sirloin Steak 7.91% 41.00
Sirloin Tip Roast 3.18% 16.50
Skirt Steak 0.33% 1.69
Stock Bones 5.28% 27.34
T-Bone Steak 5.37% 27.82
Grand Total 100.00% 518.15

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