Farm News, Herd Share Pickup, Market Info: 9/2/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, Hope you are all doing well. We are well. Scott is cleaning up, chopping and storing all of our onions. We originally had them drying on the floor of the commercial kitchen under construction. I left them there a little too long and they were...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 8/26/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, We are doing well this week. I did make an error in last week's newsletter. I said Scott's treatment protocol is 5 weeks. It is actually 7 weeks. So there you go. I'm already all mixed up. We shall see how I progress. Some days time seems quite...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 8-19-2021

Hello beautiful peeps, All is well here on the homestead. Sure we have lots and lots of doctors appointments to work into our schedule, but we are managing. We appreciate all of your prayers. There was some good news among all the bad. The treatment is only 5 weeks...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 8/12/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, It has been a couple of weeks since I sent out a newsletter and I missed the markets last week. Some of you know already that Scott had surgery. He is healing well. Having both tonsils out at his age is quite painful but he did the milking...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 7/29/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, Joyous good news!! It looks like we have found our livestock guardian dog. Mack will be coming to his new home on Saturday. I'll be at the market and look forward to meeting him when I get home. Yippee. We are so happy!!  Sheep and Goats We can...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 7-21-2021

Hello beautiful peeps, The green beans are coming in right now. I'll have some at the farmer's markets. Stop by and see me. Advanced warning, farm updates are a bit of a bummer this week.   Sheep and Goats The goats are all gone now. We decided to go ahead and process...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 7/15/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, It is such a beautiful day today. I hope you are enjoying yours. I still have "make blackberry jam" on my to-do list. I'm not sure I will get that done today -- but perhaps I will. Come see me at the Independence Farmer's Market or the...

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market info: 7/07/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, I got so much done today. Besides the unexpected need to care for a couple of our cows that have contracted pink eye due to the massive amount of flies, I made three pounds of butter and two batches of jam, one blueberry and one strawberry....

Farm News, Herd Share Pickups, Market Info: 6/30/2021

Hello beautiful peeps, Sorry for not getting a newsletter out last week. Life happens. I'm back on it this week. We have been really, really busy shelling peas. I canned 14 quarts of green peas today.    Sheep and Goats The sheep are contentedly grazing on grass each...

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