The Garden and the Creamery

the garden and the creameryOne of the first things that Scott did when we “retired” to the farm was build me this really fantastic garden. It is made of cinder blocks. You can read more about it here. He created it to be a permanent structure, requiring as little maintenance as possible. There is still a bit of work to do to make the soil the best garden ever, but we were able to plant lots of vegetables and they are growing.

Due to the length of time it took to build my really great garden, we started too late to have early peas, lettuce and broccoli. There was lots of time to plant the rest of the garden. I planted two types of corn, perhaps five different bean species and no less than five different squash varieties. The watermelon and sweet potatoes are vining all over the place. The tomatoes are large enough to be staked up off the soil with lots of green ones growing at a rapid pace. I have a few beets, chard, turnips, kohlrabi and rutabagas coming along nicely. One eggplant has a couple of fruits and the peppers are just getting started.

Yesterday we went out together to pick off any squash bugs that might be around, and we were also looking for vegetables to harvest. So far this year I have picked a couple of meals worth of yellow wax beans, a few green beans and one patty pan squash. Oh, and a radish or two.

The best part of gardening is getting to pick the vegetables. As you can see from the picture, I now have black-eyed peas, potatoes, purple podded pole beans in addition to the aforementioned wax and green beans. Yum, Yum.

Breaking Ground for the Creamery

Scott rented a little machine that I call a Bobcat. He has another name for it (track loader). This little gem he used to dig out the high ground and move it to the low ground. The purpose was to shape the building foundation area.  The way he did it meant we did not need to truck in any other fill dirt. That saved a lot right there.

One end is 28″ higher than the other. That is to facilitate the milking area. While it is higher than the rest of the building, it is at ground level where the cows will enter and exit the building. Scott is an absolute genius at using the lay of the land to harmonize his plans with the original plan of the creator.

We have scheduled visits from the propane gas and electric companies for next week. They will be providing the much needed input to move forward with power and hot water for the creamery. And as soon as the ground dries out enough, Scott has a machine rented to help with digging the footers for the foundation walls.

We are moving right along with this project. It is truly an exciting time at the farm.


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