Grass-Fed Lamb

100% Grass-Fed Lamb

Why would you want to buy grass fed lamb?

Grass-fed lamb is much healthier for the animal and you than feed-lot fed of confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) animals. It’s 100% natural, with no hormones and no antibiotics. Our lambs are raised on an all natural diet that consists of wild grasses and herbs. Your health and wellness and the health and wellness of the animals are our top priorities. We’re honored to offer you these foods at an affordable price. Our farm is located at the base of the Blue Ridge mountains.

The next reason to by our lamb is it tastes delicious! Our young lamb meat is extremely lean and has the best flavor you’ll ever taste. We guarantee that our meats will provide both satisfaction to you and your family. You won’t want to purchase meat from the store after you’ve tasted the great quality of our meat.

Peaceful Heart Farm’s grass-fed lamb is available in a variety of individual cuts and in money-saving packages, including our half and whole lamb packages.

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