Miniature Donkeys

Miniature Donkeys

Let me introduce you to Daisy (left), Sweet Pea(right), Cocoa (looking at you)

miniature donkeys

We got miniature donkeys to help with sheep flock protection. Daisy (she’s on the left) was pregnant with Sweet Pea (right) when we got her. Cocoa is her 3rd, the lighter brown one there in the front. Daisy had another that was the image of her sire. We named her Pixie. She was sold to a local farm who needed protection for their goats.

Daisy is a miniature donkey. I don’t think Sweet Pea is going to qualify. She is too tall. Miniatures must be under 36″ at the shoulder. Cocoa is still growing but will likely quality.  Johnny Rebel, the white/brown one below, is her sire also. He is most definiately a miniature. Pixie was colored nearly identical to Johnny.

Donkeys are very, very friendly. They love human attention and we love giving it to them. They are a joy and require only a little hoof maintenance and currying. They have provided excellent preditor protection for the lambs. Donkeys really, really hate dogs – and coyotes.


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