Katahdin Sheep

We have Katahdin sheep. Why did we choose Katahdin’s? They are easy.

We are still part-time farmers and are not available every day to tend to the needs of the farm. Having animals presented a particulary interesting challenge. While we strongly desired to move forward it would be a conflict with one of our farm values to have animals and not care for them properly.

katahdin sheep

Katahdins are meat sheep. They do not require sheering. They forage well and can easily be raised on grass only. As mothers they excel and birth easily in the pasture. It was a win-win situation.

We started with 12 pregnant ewes the first year. They birthed within a month. 10 of the 12 delivered lovely lambs. We did lose one at about 3 months old. The youngest lambs were twins. That is unusual for a yearling ewe. In the fall we purchased a wonderful ram. He sired 15 lambs in the spring.

katahdin lambLast year and this year we took time off for lambing season. Again, I refer to our farm values. We needed to make sure that the lambing went well and if there were problems we would be there to take care of them. The time off was nice and all went well. We’ve made a good choice for us in the Katahdin breed.

The flock contains over 70 animals now.

We’ve come a long way baby!