Handmade Artisan and Farmstead Cheese



Virginia dairy farm serving Stuart, Hillsboro, Floyd,

Martinsville, Rocky Mount, Roanoke, Danville

 AND the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina



You’ll enjoy our raw milk cheese made using traditional methods



Don’t you just love our unique grassfed Normande cows

raised peacefuly and sustainably on pasture?

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Winter on the Farm

Winter on the Farm

Winter on the Farm Winter on the farm lately has been very wet. The building site is really, really muddy. And it's not just any mud. It's this sticky stuff that clots up on your boots. Literally, there is an inch of mud that is loose on the surface. When you walk...

Cow Agenda

Cow Agenda

Cow Agenda You think you get the cow agenda and then you don't. This post is a little peak into some of the great insight we have into the lives of animals. It is so enjoyable to get to know the various species that we have. The cows are peaceful and placid and stand...

Creamery Construction Update

Creamery Construction Update

Creamery Construction Update The creamery construction is coming along nicely. The top concrete block rows are finished up to the floor heights . . . finally. To be clear, I mean the floor level for both floor heights. There is a 28" difference. The barn floor is...

The Garden and the Creamery

The Garden and the Creamery

The Garden and the Creamery One of the first things that Scott did when we "retired" to the farm was build me this really fantastic garden. It is made of cinder blocks. You can read more about it here. He created it to be a permanent structure, requiring as little...

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