Peaceful Heart Farm Home

peaceful heart's doraPeaceful Heart Farm is a 62 acre family owned and operated farm in Claudville, Virginia — Gateway to the Blue Ridge Mountains — in Patrick County Virginia. We raise Katahdin sheep, Normande cattle, Cashmere goats and produce herbal supplements.

We produce farmstead cheese made from our Normande cow’s milk

We have a developing orchard and will be offering home-grown and luscious fruit in the next few years.

Peaceful Heart Farm is dedicated to producing peaceful, healthy lives for ourselves, our farm, and our community. Continual questions about the quality of food we were being served drove us to produce our own. So now we look to the “ancient wisdom” of managing gardens and livestock by asking the question, “How was it done before the industrial revolution?” and “How does nature do this?”

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The herbal supplements we produce we use for our own health and the health of our animals. Even the plants receive only naturally produced supplements of leaves, orchard trimmings, and plant material from earlier years.
Over time we are creating the permaculture farm infra-structure with care. Our life is full-time ‘better than organic’ farming so we depend on it. You can too!

All of our livestock are 100% grass fed. Our Katahdin sheep produce some of the best lamb you will ever taste. Our Normande cattle are bred to be “Family Cows”. They produce excellent beef as well as rich milk.

Contact Us for availability of lamb, beef and Katahdin breeding stock and “Family Cows”.

Market locations and times will grow with our lives.

You can reach us by email at: farmers (at) peacefulheartfarm (dot) com