Gardening in this old way is new to many.  The older ideas of using nature’s way to self-feed plant  roots with wood decomposing under your soil.hugelcultur example has a raised bed effectCombine that example with raised beds which reduce back strain from leaning over, lessen weed problems when the walkways are covered, and improves watering issues.

It does take time to learn & grow plants but it does not have to be expensive or elaborate to start. Develop the garden soil that supports your belly! Nourish your soul by getting your hands in the dirt. Work with Nature.

Hugelkultur or similar raised bed methods give several advantages to us. Wood (& other yard / woods carbon material) that would become waste or scrap, compost & aged manure in there, topsoil over that – together provide nutrients to roots and microbes in the soil.mounds of soil over layers of wood planting over the raised surface

We are building this 4th or maybe 5th version of a annual vegetable garden: we have adjusted size, methods and varieties of plants by combining these new and old methods.  Two foot high bed surface, drip irrigation, decaying wood underneath, heavy tarp with hardwood mulch covering the walkways and a more gentle draining slope are built together in our space.


Keep in mind, we are really grass farmers (the animals eat the grass or we eat a crop). But the microbes make the plants thrive, not merely the dirt. Feed the microbes, they feed the plants, plants feed your animals & you.!  cows, sheep, goats, donkeys graze together rotating paddocksOur new garden is shown in the pictures and videos on Facebook:

dry stack blocks as bed walls do not rot

Creating gardens is an evolution to answer the need to eat well: We develop skill, apply resources and enjoy time spent in Nature.  We will reap Nature’s abundance as nutritious plant food of a wide variety.  Crop rotation of plant types for extra benefit is easy and can be planned ahead.

Bio-intensive plant spacing will be used also to maximize production without taxing the soil.

Learning how to grow your own food is & will be very important. This should be obvious to many by now. Buy common variety open pollinated seeds and grow the food in your space – small, medium or large space – just do it to become then good at it  so you can depend on the produce.


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