Vegetable Garden

garden in winter

Old Garden

Our vegetable garden has been completely revamped in 2017 and is still under development. Se the blog post on hugelculture here.

We started with six raised beds that were 2′ X 24′ and 8 beds that are 4′ X 24′. Every summer the weeds took over. However, I’ve had success with growing things — even in the weeds.

Those beds deteriorated over the years and that provided the perfect opportunity to create and build a garden from scratch. It is a garden like you will not see anywhere else.

It is made of cinder blocks, dry stacked. That may change in the future as the goats have already knocked over some of the blocks. Goats will be goats.

NEW cinder block/hugel cultur garden

The cinder blocks sit on plastic billboard tarps covered with mulch. There will be NO weeds growing in the pathways. The beds are about 24″ high. They are an easy reach for me and will last for many years to come. We just need to get the soil right. Those large chunks of wood will break down over time. We are filling in with compost from various places around the farm where hay and excrement have combined to make some mighty fine soil. We have a continuous source of high nitrogen compost.


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