Fruits n Veggies

When we originally were designing our farm model, we talked about vegetables being our main enterprise with our local community. Early one we decided against that and tried chickens. Again, we moved on to another centerpiece, Katahdin sheep. And then we moved to the Normande cows and cheese.

We still have a garden, mostly for personal use and we have a wonderul orchard coming along nicely. We look forward to providing various fruit products.

We also have future plans for an Activities area where you will find out how to learn about what we are doing with our fruits and vegetables. We want to provide classes and hands-on workshops for learning how to make cheese, cooking techniques, canning, drying and other food preparation and storage secrets.

Under this category we also have a page for the honey bees. Their job is to polinate the orchard trees, shrubs, and canes. We will sell produce from the orchard as well as value-added products such as jams, jellies, and dried fruits. You will findĀ us at the local farmer’s market when we have available delicacies in this category.


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