Cashmere Goats For Fiber

Cashmere Goats

cashmere goats bucks
Cashmere Bucks

We needed some extra pasture management. Goats eat a lot of stuff that the cows and sheep will not touch. Our choice was the cashmere goat. They will clean up the pasture “weeds” and provide wonderful fiber as a bonus. They are stately creatures. Check out those horns.

The cashmere undercoat begins to grow on the summer solstice and the growth stops at the winter solstice. Shortly thereafter they will begin shedding. By March it is time to start combing it out.

I already know how to knit. Spinning will need to be a new skill that I learn. Look for unique cashmere products on our Farm Store page.

We have 4 breeding bucks and 7 breeding does, though we are cutting out the 3 extra bucks. I’m not sure how many does we will keep. That is a decision for the future  😎

cashmere goats does
Cashmere Doelings